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Silence, Agricolture and Meditation

Our organic farm was founded in 2002 already with a spirit of awareness and immediately obtained organic certification thanks to its two founders of American nationality.

Over the years it has become a reference point abroad for the silent retreats of Yoga and Meditation conducted by the previous owners in this magical place full of energy.

Today the farm continues its path managed by Nicolò and Federica, two young Italian-Swiss couple, with its small production of organic foods that are sold in Italy and abroad under their own brand.

In spring 2020 it will also open a holistic accommodation facility where it is possible to spend days disconnected from the world immersed in nature and in its harmony.

We are "Le Porte Del Paradiso"

Holistic & Organic Farmhouse

We open our "Doors" as an accommodation facility with an holistic orientation where you can spend days disconnected from the world, immersed in Nature and its Harmony, in an atmosphere with a traditional and ethnic flavor , inspired by our travels and our passions.


This place is dedicated

... to those who want to retire in a familiar and friendly atmosphere, where they can feel inspired by Silence and Nature and can detoxify themselves from stress and technology,

... to those looking for an inner space of reconnection with the Heart, diving into the green of the cultivated fields with Love and Respect for Mother Earth.


Organic because we try to do everything following the criteria of ecology.

The buildings were built with innovative ecological materials and ecological paints, we use only eco-friendly soaps and detergents with high sanitizing power and our cuisine is organic, km0, vegetarian and integral.
For accommodation we have 5 double / twin / triple rooms and a beautiful 90sqm room with birch flooring for group activities / seminars / circles of women / circles of men.

At the moment we offer the Home Restaurant service only on request and only for internal guests, this is because we want to maintain the true identity of the Agriturismo, born as a place of homely and peasant hospitality.


Holistic because we are dedicated to reconnecting with ourselves and promoting holistic activities and practices. This place attracted us for its energy and proved to be a sacred space for practices of meditation, shamanism, yoga, martial arts, prayer, dance, breathing, introspection, and holistic practices in general.


Follow our Events Calendar to find out what activities are scheduled.

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