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In the desire to contribute to spreading a new awareness of food and life, we decided to support and promote activities and projects of third parties that aim to spread and stimulate personal growth in terms of awareness and spirituality;

this through our Farm and through the Ayurveda Association of Worshipful Monks of which we are a part.



Food ReLOVution

Director Thomas Torelli (2016)

SPONSORS of the film/documentary "Food ReLOVution":


​Everything that you eat has a consequence "is an engaging and revealing documentary that examines the consequences of the meat culture in view of the growing concern for impacts on health, world hunger, animal welfare and the environment.

The goal is to show how these global problems affect everyone and are interrelated. Today even just shopping in a conscious way, knowing what you buy and what you eat, is the first important step towards a better world. The film aims to be a stimulating tool for understanding and information, which reminds us that we have the power to change things if we really want, starting with ourselves.


Everything we eat has a consequence. Being aware of this, helps us to understand what it is, to understand the importance of our daily choices. To encourage us to perform actions based on coherence, awareness and love that comes from respect for Life. The change we were waiting for begins with ourselves. The choice is our most powerful weapon, we learn to use it. Only then can we contribute to change the world. We must not rely only on the food dogmas imposed by society but know what we eat, the only way to start the revolution. Made with love.

All is Ablaze

Directors Stefano Croci, Silvia Siberini (2016)

Co-Producers of the film/documentary "All is Ablaze":


All is Ablaze is a documentary that deals with the serious theme of human suffering and its role in the Buddhist philosophy.

Guided by the word of five Italian masters who dedicated their own lives to this path of knowledge originating from the East, we emerge ourselves in their teaching, a teaching able to re-awake our concentration to the mystery of life and death. We are not talking about a religion, but rather a cultural and philosophical expression, able to get in touch with people all over the world. We move forward in a difficult path that promises a solution to our suffering.

The five main characters offer an example on how this path can be undertaken. An example that includes Italian cultural tradition as well. In Italy they founded their own schools and nowadays, following those examples, the new generations experience the encounter between East and West in first person, following the Buddhist thought and inner research.

During the troubled years of the big social transformations that involved every part of the West, a more genuine openness to different cultures arose and it allowed a physical closeness among worlds once considered to be too far apart. That was felt even by ordinary people and not just scholars.

This was the historical context in which, the five future masters, each one with his own path, felt the need to find something more, «there must be something more!» something which would satisfy our own thirst for knowledge and truth. An inner passion that couldn’t be satisfied by what the surrounding world had offered or was offering them.

Engaku Taino left his job in a bank to go to a Zen monastery in Japan at the end of the sixties, where the classical monastic path was waiting for him; Mario Thanavaro and Corrado Pensa went to, respectively, England and the United States in the seventies, where the schools of the first western masters were operating; Fausto Taiten Guareschi met, in Paris, Taisen Deshimaru, the first Japanese Zen master to emigrate to Europe and Franco Bertossa, who lived an autonomous spiritual experience which he connected to that of Buddhism.

Although they encountered different Buddhist traditions, they are joined by the feeling of finally having found something definitive.

TakeCare Nepal

Humanitarian Project for Nepal

Supporters of the "Water for villages hit by the earthquake" Project

Takecare1village is a project of the local Association Sahakaria ra Bikas Nepal with the goal to help the community in recovering after the earthquake.

Sahakaria ra Bikas Nepal is managed and directed by people coming from the villages of Timal (Kavre) who worked several years in improving education and Community development.

Thanks to nepali and foreigners people, we were able to built schools and ECDs; to provide health care and school access to thousand children; to help through microcredit poor families; to cooperare in setting up a electricity grid to develop communities and people.

We kindly ask again this generous people to help us in continuing our work.

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