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Spaghettoni grano duro integrale Biologico

Squared "Spaghettoni" of Whole Durum Wheat (organic)


Pasta yes! But only if it is whole!

The traditional stone grinding of our wheat allows the beans to preserve all the parts (bran,

endosperm and germ) and their relative qualities. This results in a pasta rich in vitamins, especially B ed

E and minerals, as well as polyphenols with antioxidant power. The fibers, present in good quantity, favor

gastrointestinal well-being and reduction of the glycemic and caloric index.

Our wholemeal semolina is then kneaded and worked slowly, resting as long as necessary

to then be bronze drawn and pass to long drying at low temperature (over 48 hours at 38


The semolina we use is made from two Sicilian durum wheat varieties, Simeto and Rusticano,

grown exclusively on our fields in Assisi.

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