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Simple Things

We are Nicolò and Federica, a married couple in love and knowing each other for a long time;

day after day we have shared a life journey made of many changes, choices and sacrifices but never regrets, and this project is the fruit of the journey we are traveling together.

Previously we had traditional office jobs, with rhythms marked by automatism and social rules and an "unwritten" social label well imprinted in our lives,

but then we began a process of inner transformation that led us to see everything that surrounded us with different eyes, seeing things for what they really were.

When we saw clearly that the work we were doing had no other purpose than the economic one, we perceived how our precious lives had been tarnished in their growth path, and for us this has been like an awakening from a heavy sleep.

We started to love ourselves more, to look for something that reflected our new way of living and that could reach other people and we took the first step by taking over an organic farm and building up a Holistic Farm Retreat Center (opening scheduled 05.2020 );

the idea was born to cultivate healthy and totally natural food in pure harmony with nature and to share the way we wanted to live life with other people.

This is how the "Le Porte del Paradiso" brand of the homonymous organic farm was born, our little paradise is enclosed in a valley in Assisi (Pg), protected by the magical Mount Subasio and bathed by the sacred river Tescio, all enclosed by a strong energy that has always attracted people from all over the world in these areas in search of spiritual and inner growth.

Nature is our wisest mother, we just have to learn to connect with her and first of all start to respect her as much as possible;

only in this way will we be able to rediscover our essence, our true nature.

We are waiting for you with love,

Federica and Nicolò

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