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In the heart of Ayurvedic massage. A look at the Indi​a

Author: Alida Dal Degan

Ed. The Meeting Point

"In the heart of Ayurvedic Massage. A look at the Indi​a"


by Alida Dal Degan ed. The Meeting Point

"In the heart of Ayurvedic massage. A look at India"

A manual, enriched with photographic images, which hands down the art of Ayurvedic Massage of the Wandering Monks, an ancient discipline that makes use of complementary techniques and prescriptions but different from those practiced in Ayurvedic clinics and taught in Western schools, which today risks going lost.
The reader is led along the learning path of this ancient discipline, made up of manual skills and nourished by the sacred scriptures and traditional texts of Indian medicine, some of which translated  here for the first time.
A useful text for those who receive massage or Ayurvedic medicine treatments, which helps to understand a little more deeply what is at the heart of each therapeutic act received. A text for the growing number of Avurveda students, be they future therapists or doctors.
Finally, a book for travelers, for all those who really want to enter the deep and unique aspects of Indian culture, the story of a journey that has as its center the only truly important journey: the inner one.


This manual presents the ancient art of Ayurvedic massage of the Wandering Monks, an ancient discipline that makes use of complementary but different techniques from those practiced and taught in Western schools and for this reason it risks being lost. Ayurveda  expression of a great culture and civilization that is India, is analyzed here with care and love, historical indications are provided on the origins by quoting passages and ancient Sanskrit writings and hints are also provided, indications, contraindications on the many aspects involving Ayurvedic massage. The text is correlated by illustrations that help to explain gestures, words, movements, sensations to allow the reader to approach Ayurveda, and as the author herself reports, it is a text aimed at numerous students, whether they are future therapists or doctors, but it is also a book for travelers, to learn more about Indian civilization.

The author Alida Dal Degan retraces her path of approach, teaching and practice in this text after she met the Indian monk Govindan-ji, disciple of Mahatma Gandhi in 1986. After fifteen years of teaching with the Indian monk, after numerous trips to India and Sri Lanka, she has become an international reference point in the dissemination and dissemination of Ayurvedic massage and yoga.

“The term ved comes from the root vid and translates as knowledge. We can then say that Ayurveda is the consciousness of life.


The "vaidya" Ayurvedic doctor is therefore the one who holds the knowledge of how life manifests itself, maintains itself, perishes.

In the texts of the medical translation, the qualities that a good Ayurvedic doctor must have have been accurately described, listing the shortcomings that an untrained doctor has and describing the behavior of the charlatan. "

Interview with Alida Dal Degan

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