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We prefer the use of only certified organic seeds, not modified and not treated over time, respecting what Mother Earth will want to give us and cultivating with love.

Black Chickpeas

Our Precious Black Chickpeas take they origins from the south of Italy where are considered a very important meal.


They are BLACK for the high content of iron and fibers and they are very rich in vitamins, very tasty and excellent both boiled and seasoned.

Suggested also for new mothers because they favor the production of milk and the reintegration of iron into the blood.

Durum wheat

Our Durum Wheat arrives from Enna in Sicily and it was a new challange for us to sow it here in the Assisane lands where the seasons and temperatures are obviously different.

It is strictly stone ground and kept whole to bring out the best of its properties.

We only use it for pasta making as it has a high protein content and excellent digestibility.

Spelled tricticum dicoccum

Our Organic Spelled Farro does not undergo any treatment except sunlight and rains.


It is sown in November and harvested between July and August ready to be transformed into whole wheat flour, pearl spelled and wholemeal spelled pasta.

White Chickpeases

Our Chickpeas (Cicer Arietinum) are among the most protein legumes as well as very old legumes that have not undergone any transformation over time.


We sow our chickpeas after the winter and collect them between July and August ready to be bagged and cooked.

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