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Agriculture for us is a meditation,

is a re-return with awareness to Mother Earth,

with love, respect and mutual trust.


We are located in the marvelous mountain countryside at the foot of the Monte Subasio Park, where all the true and strong spiritual energy ofASSISI.


Bio Natural Agriculture:a choice of Life

Our Organic Products


Spelled Pastawhole wheat


The PASTA is made with our spelled flourTriticum dicoccumand is processed in a small family-run company, where high quality mechanical artisanal processes are used.

The grinding takes place in stone, preserving both the bran and the germ, the bronze tapping, then the pasta is left to dry at a low temperature (<40 degrees) for over 24 hours.


This processing method, without any addition of preservatives or other chemical agents, guarantees that the Pasta maintains the maximum of its nutritional properties, that it is easily digestible with an excellent cooking result.

Available in packs of 500g

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